Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Me, Me & More Me

I (as far as i'm concerned) have finished my bachelors, just awaiting some form of confirmation. Got a B- for my dissertation on social media and its effects on socialization. Not bad for a months work.

I went to Australia (Adelaide & Brisbane more specifically) recently. Met a lot of people I hold in the highest and closest regard. Had the time of my life.

And I had an interview with Timeout KL. I feel so out of my depth honestly, applying for a writing job when I can barely piece anything together. Lets hope it goes well. Hopefully i`ll make it to the second round, cause the first was good and I cant see any reason why I would get cut so fast.

Yesterday was May 3o..which means I've had my Vios for 7 years! The one love that hasn't let me down so far.

I suppose ill elaborate further eventually. Not sure when, but I will I hope..

And yes, if you've wondered (as if anyone is reading this) I've been in self-imposed exile. So if you've found yourself ignored by me, don't worry; just about everyone has. No hard feelings and sorry for being so blunt, but I would rather be on my own for a while and not have to explain myself like I always feel I have to.

But all in all, i`m fine, alive and kicking? Whatever it is, its not a football i've kicked; haven`t played in so long I may have forgotten how to play :/

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sgrmse. said...

why have you stopped updating? :O
mel ng here, by the way. it's so sweet - my letter is still here (: (: