Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Self Descriptions, Then & Now

I just changed my profile info and despite somethings I was more than happy to erase from public view, I couldn't help but feel somewhat inclined to just letting my current self be described by what was likely my 8-year-ago self.

While I didn't exactly put anything noteworthy, I must say changing something which had been there for so long was a little harder than I thought it would be. No matter how long this blog goes and despite how old i'll be, this blog was really my high-school era self. It's when I spent the most time updating it and pouring so much time and effort into.

It was nice though, putting something new. I'm thinking of perhaps a new template, though I definitely won't go through the trouble and hassle I did before!

I also realize that many of my listed interests.. may have just been a phase. I don't know really. But i'm sure that version of me is still there deep down somewhere. Even if it never emerges again, i'm quite glad that at one point or another it represented me and in a way I wanted.

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